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Are you a small business owner or salesperson trying to grow your business? Are you new to Networking or are you a “seasoned” networker but you are frustrated by the amount of time, money, and energy you are spending at Networking Events and you are NOT getting results? I get it and I can help you using proven tools and strategies that I used to triple my business and net worth!
You need to have a Networking plan in place. You need to be strategically set-up for every single Networking Meeting and every single Event you attend. You then need to be strategically set-up to FOLLOW-UP! You want to nurture the connection you just made so that it becomes a relationship because we build our business by building relationships!
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Here is what one of Rose's Networking Like A Millionaire clients had to say:

"I attended the Networking Like A Millionaire Workshop yesterday with Rose and the material presented was exceptional. Rose went above & beyond in her delivery and provided each attended with tools for an elevator pitch that will produce RESULTS!

I loved the fact that Rose encouraged us to operate our biz with systems & templates to make life less complicated. Rose She also discussed limiting beliefs and how they hold us back from greater successs and how we can eliminate them from our thinking and behavioral patterns.

I’m so ready to put all of Rose’s wisdom & expertise to use and Networking Like A Millionaire!"

Marguritte J., Dallas, Texas


Are you new and do not know where to start? I have you covered! Have you been networking for years and think you know it all? Is your ROI reflecting that?

Listen, at a networking event, everyone in the room is there trying to obtain clients.   Everyone there is trying to push their product or service on everyone else in the room,  yet nobody seems to be getting the results that they want. Every week you do the same thing, spending time, money and energy at networking events and you keep getting the same results.  That is INSANITY!  How long do you think you can keep that up? 

So many networkers have piles or drawers full of business cards.  If that is you, don’t feel bad.  You are not alone but again, that needs to stop!  I will help you implement an easy process of monetizing those business cards!
Many networkers are exhausted, engaging in the same conversations over and over again, with people that will NEVER spend money with you?

What if I told you that there is an easier approach to Networking?

Over the 10 years I facilitated North Dallas Networking Group, and visited hundreds of other networking groups, meetings and events, observing and noting thousands of people; I documented what was effective and what was not.  I took copious notes and being the behaviorist I am, implemented simple tweaks, tools and techniques that people could use to truly scale their businesses.

What if I told you that Networking not only helped sustain our new business, during one of the worst economic downfalls in this country’s history, coupled with being the subject of internet card fraud and … NOT ONLY THAT … it helped us SCALE our net worth to $3Million!  It is true.

Networking is the #1 way to get FREE Business but you must Network properly and I am proof of that.  However, most people do not realize the strategies to use in order to monetize their networking efforts.

Scroll down for information on upcoming Networking LIke A Millionaire Workshops and Masterminds. There is one coming up Monday, August 12th in Dallas, Texas!


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Are you a superstar in an MLM company with your own team? Perhaps in a Real Estate Company with your own team? Insurance Company? Any Company that wants to make money? You can schedule an in-house Networking Like A Millionaire Training by clicking below.

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In my book, Networking Like a Millionaire, at my 1 Day Masterminds and Workshops, my 6-week Group Coaching and my 1-on-1 coaching will learn how to scale your business utilizing business Networking without burning out, spending hours and hours at networking events and without spending a fortune.  You will get the results that you desire and deserve!

 Let’s face it, you are NOT maximizing your productivity if you are spending a lot of time at Networking Events if they are NOT reaping the rewards of new clients, referrals and synergy partners. Your goal is to grow your business.

If you are a new business owner, entrepreneur, solopreneur or sales person or a seasoned networker but you want to scale your business to higher levels, this book is for you. 

No matter the industry, type of business or service you provide; the #1 way to get FREE business is NETWORKING!
If the thought of an event stresses you, go ahead and be a part of the pre-sale for my book,
Networking Like A Millionaire for only $14.97!
It has a wealth of information included and it is to be used as a workbook as well.
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In Networking Like A Millionaire, you will learn:
  • The Power of Your Presence
  • A powerful Millionaire Elevator Pitch
  • How to Choose the right Networking Groups and Event
  • Identifying Great Networking Events vs. Wasting Your Time
  • How to Effectively Communicate Why People Want to Work with You
  • Presenting yourself so that you grab people’s attention and convert that into profit.
  • Create a follow-up system that adds incredible value to your prospects and converts them.
  • How you can align yourself with others to effectively reach waiting customers.
  • Strategies to get you in the right frame of mind because mindset is the key to your success!
  • How to use relationships and not capital to grow your business.
  • How to feel comfortable attending new events and approaching people.
  • The importance of clearing your limiting beliefs.
  • How to think outside the box when it comes to growing your business.
  • Powerful tools to help you grow your business.
  • Online marketing and affiliate programs.

Network Like Millionaire Workshop ONLY $97

A workshop built around the concepts in Rose Colarossi's book, Network Like A Millionaire and over 10 years experience running one of the largest networking groups in Dallas, Texas.

Rose is a sought-after business & life strategiest and speaker.
In this workshop you will learn the tools and techniques observed and implemented by Rose
to scale her net worth 3x which include:

Strategic Networking
Your Brand Awareness
A Clear Message
The Importance of Clearing Your Limiting Beliefs
A Millionaire Elevator Pitch
Understand The Who, not the What
The Power of Your Presence
Overlooked Opportunities
The Importance of personalized follow-ups
The ROSE Method of Time Management
Tools and software to help you market your business
Tools to acquire Passive Income

Reach out to Rose at to be notified of upcoming dates.

Dress for networking and bring your business card.

PLUS! You will become a part of the Network Like a Millionaire Academy where you will continue to learn, connect and network with like-minded people like you!


Network Like A Millionaire
will be held in
Dallas on August 12, 2019 from 10am – 2pm.
The Egg & I Restauarant
15203 Knoll Trail Dr,
Dallas, TX 75248


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Rose keeps these events small so she can give individual attention to you and your business.
There are only 20 seats available at Network Like a Millionaire so don’t wait!

Whether you are working with Rose 1-on-1 over Zoom, a part of her group coaching program, attend her 1-Day Masterminds and Workshops; she is determined that
YOU are empowered with the tools and techniques to Network Like a Millionaire!

Be sure to get on Rose’s Email List and/or reach out to Rose if you would like to have a
Network Like A Millionaire 1 Day Event Near You!

Rose works with her 1-on-1 clients and her group coaching via Zoom. So no matter where you are located, you can work with Rose!
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Here's What Others Are Saying:

 “I highly recommend that anyone who is struggling to build their business or if you are just starting out, attend Rose Colarossi’s Network Like a Millionaire 1 day event. It will be some of the best money you will spend on yourself and your business. I took it a step further and worked with Rose 1-on-1.  Working with Rose was one of the best investments I have made for my business thus far."

  "Before I attended Rose Colarossi’s live Network Like a Millionaire 1 day event, I avoided networking events because I extremely shy and introverted.  The anxiety of walking into a room of people overwhelmed me. I understood the benefits so when I would hesitantly attend networking meetings, I would interact as little as possible.  Not anymore.  Rose made me aware of what my purpose truly is in terms of networking.  She revealed what the root cause of my not wanting to attend those events was and offered tools that eliminated them.  I cannot thank her enough.  I cannot wait until her book is released.  It will be my go-to and I will be gifting it to everyone I know looking to grow their business.”

  "Before attending the Network Like A Millionaire 1 day event, I was attending tons of networking events and not getting the results I wanted.  I had a stack of business cards simply piled on my desk. I was at a networking meeting and heard Rose speak about the Effective Networking.  I attended her Network Like a Millionaire 1 day event and I now have a system in place that allows me to stay in contact with everyone I meet and my time networking is not wasted. If you are looking to grow your business and are tired of not getting results at networking, make sure you attend Rose’s event.  You will not be sorry.  Rose really wants to see everyone be successful.”

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity, working with someone who has proven results and who absolutely loves to teach people how to scale their businesses by empowering them to Network Like A Millionaire!

“Everyone You Meet, Knows Someone Who Needs Your Product or Service.” -Rose Colarossi.
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